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Duran Duran_2.jpg

• Digital Asset by AI artist HUXLEY for DURAN DURAN •

ONE OF US (STUDIO) { EST • 2021 }

We are a creative studio focussed on arts & innovation

across Web3/blockchain technology - simply driven by culture & communal engagement.

From creative conceptualisation to strategic execution, we have produced digital asstes and metaverse spaces that enhance community engagement - for in-house projects & a range of Web2/Web3 artists & brands.

Our services across Web3 & Blockchain include:

    • Conceptualisation of digital assets & experiences

    • Metaverse builds enhancing comunity engagement

    • Strategic consultation to build Web2/3 inter-operability


    • Web3 community growth and management

    • Identifying trends & forward looking strategies


    • Implementing usage of emerging technologies like AI

Founder • Onil Kotian • @Onilk_

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